with lemontrack you can share your current location with your friends

you don't need to register, don't have to join a community or join a social network

we don't know anything about our customers and that's good

time based

you haveto set a timer for your location tracking session

if the timer has passed the tracking stops and nobody can view your position

also nobody can view your last position

publish via email

you have to send a tracking link to a friend, if he receives this link he can follow you in his browser

if the selected timer duration has passed the link is useless and he cannot track you anymore

live tracking

all your friends who receive the link can follow you live in their browsers

the tracking site supports nearly all browsers on all operation systems


if the selected timer has passed you get a notification to remind you that the location tracking has stopped, even when your device is locked or the app is in background


lemontrack has full support for multitasking, it still tracks your location even when the app is in background or your device is locked

energy saving

to provide a better battery usage while tracking we have improved the power consumption in background mode, so you don't have to worry about your battery power

no data storage

we only save your actual position and delete it after your selected tracking time has passed

no personal data will be stored on our servers and no location data will be stored on your device

extend time

if your selected tracking time has passed you have the option to set a new timer for your active tracking session

you don't need to send a new link to your friends, if you extend the time they can track you again on the old link


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